Over-Seeding & Aeration

T here are many factors that can prevent a lawn to heal itself from everyday damage.  Low fertility, combined with summer stresses are common.  Diseases and compaction dampen the ability of turf grass to naturally ‘fill-in’ or thicken damaged areas. These stresses create many bare areas, some very small and some quite large.

The overseeding process thickens the lawn by placing new seed, and ultimately new grass plants, into these bare areas. Overseeding is not a new practice. People have been doing it for many years, as it can dramatically increase your lawn’s overall health and make it thicker and more likely to fend off weeds.

Promier Landscapes performs overseeding with a premium turf type fescue grass following core plugging. After a detailed inspection of your lawn’s thinning spots, Promier Landscapes professionals introduce fresh seed into areas of your lawn. This is combined with an aeration service to allow more water and vital nutrients to penetrate your lawn and encourage optimal root growth. As a machine called a lawn aerator punches holes into the soil, fresh seed is introduced and makes direct contact deeper into the soil rather than getting captured above ground and not germinating. As new turf fills in, weeds are choked out, leaving you with a healthier, greener lawn.

Lawn Over-Seeding & Aeration Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol and Greeneville.

Lawn Over-Seeding & Aeration Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol and Greeneville.

Aeration is a process that mechanically removes plugs of soil and deposits them on the top of the soil surface. As these cores break down, the surrounding soil, now relieved of compaction and oxygenated will fill in the holes. Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements. It can increase air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere as well as enhance soil water uptake.  Core aeration can produce stronger turf roots and reduced soil compaction.  Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance and resiliency are other benefits.

Aeration is an efficient way to renew lawn areas that have heavy traffic or that are looking old and patchy. Promier Landscapes professional landscaping crews perform aeration and overseeding for many clients across the Tri-Cities area and want to provide this amazing service to you.