installing sod this summer

5 Tips for Installing Sod during the Summer

installing sod this summerKingsport, TN

Although spring is the best time to install sod because we typically get a lot of rain, sod also can be installed during the summer. Sod can be a great choice for your lawn—it is a fast, easy way to establish a consistent lawn. It adds value to your home, and it usually is significantly cooler than both bare soil and concrete during those hot summer days. Installing sod may seem like a big job, but Promier Landscapes is here to help.

Follow these five tips to installing sod during the summer:

  1. Make sure the ground is level – Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to remove an existing lawn before placing sod—although you can do this if you like. You can keep your current lawn in place, as long as you level the ground with organic material. Mow any current grass as low as possible, while also leveling out any holes or dips in your yard. Cover your yard with a mix of topsoil and compost, which should be spread evenly over the entire yard surface. Your sod also needs to end up level with hardscapes such as sidewalks, driveways, and edgers.
  2. Check your edges – If you haven’t done so already while completing the first step, you need to make sure that any edges of your yard next to driveways, sidewalks, and garden beds have been dug down deep enough so that the sod will be even with those surfaces once it is placed. A good general rule of thumb is to make sure the ground is at least 1 inch below any fixed edge bordering your lawn. 
  3. Fertilize – By fertilizing before installing sod, this enriches the ground and makes sure all the fertilizer you apply will get below the surface where it can enrich the roots. Using fertilizer is a crucial part of the sod installation process. It encourages a greater uptake of nutrients, improves the pH of your soil, and allows the roots of the sod to establish deeper in the ground. By fertilizing before placing your sod, you’ll be well on your way to the gorgeous green lawn you always wanted.
  4. It’s all about technique – There’s a trick to putting down sod the right way. Start from the longest fixed edge in your landscape that is immobile—such as your house, the sidewalk, or garden beds. Using a sharp knife, scissors, or clippers, cut the edge of the sod, then lay it down so that it is parallel to the longest fixed edge. Make sure that edges do not overlap, and that your new sod is level with any fixed edge in your yard.
  5. Make sure to waterNew plants need proper hydration to establish themselves and thrive, and your sod is no exception to this rule. Make sure that your sod gets watered for at least one hour twice a day during the summer, especially if we aren’t getting much rain. This is where having an in-ground sprinkler system really comes in handy. It takes the hassle out of watering your lawn, and waters for a specific amount of time. There’s no wasting water when the system is set up with a timer.

Lawn Maintenance in Johnson City

A well-installed sod provides you with an even, green turf that is attractive, lush, and enhances the curb appeal of your home. However, your responsibilities don’t end when the sod is placed and established. It takes regular maintenance to keep any type of lawn looking its best. That’s where Promier Landscapes can help. We offer comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance services, handling everything from lawn care to weeding to fertilization, irrigation, disease prevention, and much more. To learn more about our lawn maintenance or any of the other services that Promier Landscapes offers, call our office today at (423) 246-7977. One of our landscaping professionals will be glad to come out and perform an on-site consultation.

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