Top Soil and Fill Dirt

M ost people think soil and dirt are the same thing but they are not.  Soil is the main ingredient to our landscape.  Without good soil, we can’t grow flowers or maintain a beautiful lawn.  Dirt has many beneficial applications for your landscaping needs.  Promier Landscapes takes soil and dirt seriously.

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, typically the top 2-3 inches, which contains the highest concentration of organic matter and nutrients that support simpler plant life such as grasses, bedding plants and other foliage with shallow root systems.  It takes between 80-400 years to form one centimeter of top soil.  Soil scientists have identified over 70,000 kinds of soil in the United States.

What does topsoil mean for you?

Topsoil is what makes you have a beautiful lawn.  Topsoil is what helps your flowers grown.  Fertile topsoil will allow you to have a garden.  Promier Landscapes uses top soil to perfectly grade your lawn to improve your drainage needs.

Fill dirt is different from topsoil.  Fill dirt is sometimes called subsoil.  It’s not as fertile and may contain some rocks and sand.  Although fill dirt is not useful in growing, it does have many uses that Promier Landscapes can apply to your landscaping needs, such as:

  • To create landscaping waterfalls
  • To create landscaping water features
  • To create a mound
  • To fill holes
  • To make textures in landscaping;  and more interesting eye-catching landscapes

Top Soil

Topsoil in Greeneville, Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt for Landscaping