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At Promier Landscapes each of our professionally designed landscapes is unique. Our landscapes are inspired not only by the site but the homeowner’s imagination, tastes and desires.

In these fast-paced times, it is essential that we find a sanctuary where we can unwind and relax. We can use our outdoor spaces to promote peace in our lives. One way to do that is to create a landscape that both you and your family enjoy and want to spend time in. We all want a landscape that not only provides solace and beauty, but that also works with our particular space and way of life. The award-winning designers at Promier Landscapes can help you achieve that dream by offering expert advice on how to create a comfortable outdoor living space. It can provide a sense of calm while boosting your spirits.

Landscape Design Kingsport, Johnson CIty, Bristol, Greeneville, and Elizabethton

A beautiful landscape can improve the curb-appeal and value of your home. It can be a sense of pride for the homeowners. It can inspire your neighbors to turn their own yards into amazing spaces which will increase the value and beauty of your entire neighborhood.

Besides the beauty aspect of a great landscape design, there’s also a practical side.  Strategic placement of trees and shrubs can block the sun in the hot summer months as well as provide a blockage for cold wind in the winter months. This can represent an economic savings for the homeowner.

So whether you want to create a retreat, or an entertainment area, we here at Promier can offer expert designs and help to assist you in building a landscape that appeals to your unique tastes. The Promier team guides the process from start to finish. We create the design, along with input from the homeowner, and oversee all aspects of the installation. The end result will be an inspired landscape perfectly suited to its location and owner. So call or come by Promier Landscape, serving the Tri-Cities area, to discuss ideas for your new landscape with our professionals today.

O ne of the benefits of well-designed landscaping by Promier Landscapes is you can save money on energy costs. Well placed trees can shade your home or yard during the summer months. Well-placed trees can also shield your home from biting winter winds too. A priceless benefit to professional landscaping by Promier Landscapes is that trees and shrubs can help control noise and air pollution.

Another solid benefit to professionally designed landscaping by Promier Landscapes is the increase in value of your home. Never underestimate the importance of “curb appeal.” A home with professional landscaping increases in value. Even if you are not interested in one-day selling your home, coming home to professional landscaping will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction with your home.

Landscape Design Company Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol (TN and VA), Greeneville and Elizabethton