Mulching Service and Mulch Types

Most people don’t think about mulch on a daily basis. When it comes to landscaping, mulch has many practical and aesthetic values. Promier Landscapes will use professionally distributed mulch to improve the quality and beauty of your landscaping needs. We offer mulching and remulching services as well as many different types of mulch.

Why mulch? Beyond the eye-pleasing value, mulch has many practical uses. Mulch increases soil moisture retention and serves as a weed barrier. Mulch reduces soil erosion and helps prevent soil compaction. Mulch keeps plant roots insulated during extreme temperatures. Mulch creates a buffer zone between your plantings and your lawn, which limits mower damage to plants and competition with turf.

If you already have mulched your landscape, Promier Landscapes offers a remulching service. We will remove any existing weeds and work with you to apply the perfect mulch for your home. Promier Landscapes will reinvigorate your landscape and make your property look fresh and new. Blowing mulch into your beds can save you time and money. Our mulch blowing process is a quick and seamless transition from a bad landscape look to a fresh, well maintained landscape.

Promier Landscapes offer the following mulch to meet your mulching needs:

Black Mulch:

Provides a dark and beautifully contrasting color for your plants.

Dyed Brown Mulch

Keeps it’s color longer

Red Mulch

Terra cotta color that lasts a long time.

Hardwood Mulch

A deep brown blend of hardwood mulch that gives a timeless look.

Pine Bark Mulch

Has a distinct reddish brown and shredded appearance and is great for acid loving plants.

Pine Bark Fines

Cousin to the Pine Bark Mulch but smaller pieces.  Works well as a soil amendment and also a mulch for areas with perennials and annuals.

Playground Mulch

Playground mulch is made from a variety of natural-color hardwoods. Ground finely for your child’s play area.


Aged and ground up leaves to amend the soil.