Water Feature Design And Construction

T here are many options available to you if you’re interested adding a water feature to your landscaping plan. From small ponds, with or without koi, to waterfalls and fountains, we can help you add a beautiful and relaxing water feature to your yard.

Small ponds are easy to add to your landscape because they take up only small amounts of space. We can easily scale the size of your pond to the part of your yard where you want the pond placed. Small ponds are flexible, as they can stand alone, be part of a landscaping plan that includes aquatic plants, or be the terminus of a small creek running from a fountain or other water feature.

Koi ponds are an elegant way to add meditative tranquility to your yard. Most ponds can support koi fish, so if you already have a pond installed we can make any required adjustments to turn it into a koi pond, or we can create a complete koi pond, and integrate it into your landscape design, making it a natural extension of your current yard plan.

Fountains and waterfalls create movement in your yard, and the sound of the water is considered relaxing by many. You can have a fountain that stands alone, recycling its own water, or you can have a fountain in a pond, with or without koi fish. No matter what your preference, we can integrate a fountain into your landscape design easily.

Ponds, Waterfalls and Fountain Design and Construction Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol

W aterfalls are most popular in combination with other features. For example, having a small waterfall added to a pool adds drama and interest. Waterfalls that lead into a creek bed running to a pond creates a focal point for your entire yard. You can have a waterfall flow directly into your pond, which keeps the water moving and aerated.

When you consider adding a water feature to your yard, you should think about your current landscape and your future goals. We can add a water feature that incorporates elements from your existing landscape plan to make it seem like a natural extension of your current situation. We can add natural elements like bamboo and copper to any feature to tie the feature back to your current landscape design.

Water features are always popular in landscape design, and for good reason. They add a fresh look to any yard, and can be designed to fit any style. From high-drama fountains and waterfalls to calm, quiet koi ponds, your yard can have the added excitement that water features provide. From a small addition to an established landscape to a focal point of a new landscape plan, we can help you add water to your yard, in a style and design that suits you and blends naturally into your design.