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How to Combat Winter Damage to your Turf and Plants

winter damageKingsport, TN

If you live in East Tennessee, you saw anywhere between 3 and 10 inches of snow fall at your home during the week of January 15. That snow not only accumulated but lingered. Area-wide, people experienced seven days with at least 4 inches of snow on the ground – a record in certain locations such as Knoxville, according to the National Weather Service. That same week, temperatures dropped into single digits or even below zero. Harsh winter weather like that can take a toll on your yard or plants. Today on the blog, your professional landscapers in Kingsport examine how to repair winter damage so your turf and plants flourish in spring.

Types of winter damage

Low temperatures and the weight of snow are just two of the potential threats during winter weather.

Other possible hazards include:

  • Salt and deicing products – These substances help make roads navigable during snow and ice but they can damage your grass. If you put ice melt on your sidewalk, porch or deck, it can siphon moisture from your plants.
  • Snowplows – Seeing the plow truck come down your street after a significant snowfall is a welcome sight but they can rip into the grass that borders your road.

Plan ahead

We can’t control the weather or the other factors that can cause damage to your turf and plants during the winter, but we can have a plan to mitigate the damage when it occurs. Promier Landscapes can send one of our landscaping professionals out to your property to perform an evaluation before the winter begins. This evaluation identifies possible zones where damage can occur and then determines a plan on how to repair the damage.

Steps to repair winter damage

  • Choose your plants wisely: The USDA Hardiness Zone Map is the best guide to identify which types of plants will flourish in the climate where you live. Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol and the surrounding areas in East Tennessee are located in zones 7a and 7b, which means the temperature can dip as low as zero degrees. Select plants that are appropriate for those hardiness zones and practice good care during the growing season.
  • TLC for your lawn: Your turf can take a beating during the winter for any of the above listed reasons. Replanting new sod is only one of the possible options. A highly-trained professional landscaper may be able to mitigate the damage by flushing the area with water, or adding new soil and reseeding.

Customized lawn care from trained professionals

The team at Promier Landscapes can compose a lawn care program that is customized to the specific needs of your landscape, while also taking your budget and schedule into account. Our three chief landscapers each have degrees in horticultural design from the University of Tennessee and we have a team of professionals who have decades of combined experience in the field. We can handle all the aspects of landscape maintenance and repair, from plant care to mowing, fertilization to seeding, pest control to disease prevention, and any other needs. To find out more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 or contact us online to schedule an on-site estimate with one of our landscaping pros.