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Protecting your Landscape during Winter

protect lawnKingsport, TN

A beautiful lawn in spring and summer is in large part a reflection of work completed the previous fall and winter. So while the earth is settled in for a long winter’s nap, it’s time for us to start working on preparing for a lush, beautiful spring lawn.

Our Kingsport landscape specialists with Promier Landscapes are offering some tips today to help you prepare your lawn for spring.


Fall and winter are the best times to prune shrubs and trees. It’s easier to see and manage when you’re not dealing with spring and summer’s new growth, it gives your yard a manicured look through winter, and it lays the best foundation for spring and summer growth when the time comes.  

Remove dead branches

Remove dead limbs from your lawn and from trees that you can safely manage. This will help trees focus attention only on new growth, and it prevents a dead limb from falling on your home or a person. It’s also a great excuse to gather friends and family to the fire pit for winter s’mores! If you see tree branches that are dead on a large tree, do not attempt to remove these limbs yourself. Make sure you reach out to our certified arborist in Kingsport. We have all the necessary safety equipment and are thoroughly trained to manage your large tree needs.  

Clean gutters

Melting snow and ice creates large amounts of water that can damage your plants if runoff isn’t properly directed. In addition to cleaning out your gutters to help keep your plants below from being waterlogged, pay attention to if and where water pools in your yard, and create proper drainage to keep water from ruining your lawn or plants. 


Mulch is a year-round lifesaver for your plants. It helps regulate soil temperature, and it also protects plant roots from the sun in summer and the cold and snow/ice in winter. 

Watch your step

Walking or driving on a frozen lawn can damage and even ruin areas of your lawn.  

De-ice with care

If you use salt to de-ice your driveway or sidewalks, be sure to keep the salt away from your plants or it can burn them.

Protect your landscape for winter

It’s important to protect your lawn from the elements in the winter so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor when the world starts to wake back up in the spring. If you have any questions, give our Kingsport landscape professionals at Promier Landscapes a call at (423) 723-8598, or contact us online today. We have been serving the Tri-cities area for two decades, helping to create and maintain beautiful, eco-friendly lawns and landscapes.