winterizing your sprinkler system

Tips on Winterizing Sprinkler System

winterizing your sprinkler systemKingsport, TN

When winter arrives, and temperatures dip below freezing, the cold weather can do serious damage to your sprinkler system. A little preparation can go a long way, so here are some handy tips to winterize your sprinkler system.

Problems in the sprinkler system during the winter stem from having water in the lines, so the best thing you can do is clear the lines—using an air compressor, which you can attach via a quick-connect coupling. No home air compressor will be strong enough to blow out your entire sprinkler system. However, you can clear the entire system if working zone by zone.

If your sprinkler system uses rigid PVC pipes, set the compressor air pressure regulator to an 80 psi maximum. The maximum should be set to 50 psi for flexible black polyethylene pipes. Turn off your water supply, open the manual drain valve at the end of the zone and connect the air line to the blow-out port. Attach the other end of your air hose to the compressor, then blow out the line. If successful, the sprinkler heads should pop and spray water. Do not leave the air running longer than necessary. The plastic gears in your sprinkler system can melt in less than a minute without the water running through the lines to cool them.

Continue that process in each zone of the sprinkler system, then go back and repeat the process at each zone an additional time.

Short on time? You also can just rent a 10-cfm (cubic feet per minute) compressor from your local rental center and use it to blow out the entire system at once. You also can hire a professional company like Promier Landscapes to do the work for you. We have the tools and knowledge to winterize any sprinkler system on the market.

If you have any questions about preparing your sprinkler system for cold weather, or you just want us to handle the job, contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977. A member of our staff will be happy to help you, or simply send out one of our experts for a consultation and estimate.

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